Rainer Zöller

I began photographing in the age of 15 or so (witch is a really long time ago) with a Revue-SLR (full manually), then changing to Minolta XD-7 (which i still have) and the to the autofocussed Dynax-8000i. In the beginning of the digital-times i changed to Nikon, because Nikon D70 and Canon EOS 300D were the only payable cameras at that time. D200 and D300 marked the way to my D3X and D3s, which i use for most of the pictures. For vacation and concerts i use a OLYMPUS OM-5 Mk.II and a P5.
I am very old-fashioned as a photographer, using only Lightroom to convert RAW to JPG and not making complicated things in photoshop or so.
My favorite photographs are from musicans, portraits, motorsports and miniature-models of railroads and cars.
i dont like (to shoot) familiy-events and landscape, i love available light and candid photography.